Thoughts on Our Big Move

When I look back at the last year, which saw Lily and me move to Oregon, set up shop in Ashland, and fall in love with the community we had stumbled upon, I am reminded time and time again of a favorite Dylan tune: A Simple Twist of Fate.

It was a simple twist of fate that took us to Ashland in the first place. We were all set to make a start in Marin County, California, when a dear friend invited us to visit her in Ashland. It was love at first sight. In Ashland, we found a town with a true sense of community that was fully committed to the arts and music, but maintained the laid-back lifestyle Lily and I had grown accustomed to. It reminded us of Idyllwild, where we had some of the best years of our lives. We had found a place that felt like home, and when plans fell through in Marin, we decided to move to Ashland.


As fate would have it, the community was ready for us. Southern Oregon has some fine music shops, but our focus on electric instruments in addition to acoustic instruments, and our belief in the benefits of carrying consignment instruments, struck a chord (pun very much intended) with our customers. I loved Ashland, I loved our customers, and I loved our location. But I knew within six months that we would need to find a larger space, and soon.

And so it is that, after just a year in Ashland, Hilltop Music Shop is moving up the highway to the Shoppes at Exit 24 in Phoenix.

We are excited to make ourselves accessible to a much larger population. We’ll be closer to a lot of passionate musicians who don’t visit Ashland very often, but we’re only moving a short drive away from our friends in Ashland.

Our new, 4,000 square foot home will give us the opportunity to provide services Lily and I had only dreamed of a year ago. We’re building a venue and stage, which will allow us to host live performances, workshops, and group lessons. We’re building a drum lesson room, and we’ll have the room and resources to carry an expanded selection of full drum kits, keyboards, and professional sound equipment.

With (more than) a little help from our friends, Lily and I are painting, prepping, and building the new home of Hilltop Music Shop. We’ll be open at our current location in Ashland through the month of October, and we hope to see you when we open the doors on the next chapter of our journey on Tuesday, November 1st.

We’ve always dreamed of helping a community make music through a friendly, down-to-earth space. Thank you for a warmer welcome than we could ever have dreamed of. It may have been a simple twist of fate that landed us in Ashland, but it was the love and support of a talented, passionate community that allowed us to grow and thrive. We could not be prouder to call Southern Oregon home, and we look forward to the many musical years to come.